Announcing "No Repeat"

I’m very excited to announce a new project I’ve been working on. After three years of pocasting, my friends Shaun EvansTyler Reed and I have decided to end our pop culture panel show Dudes Brunch and launch a new music podcast: No Repeat.

This podcast is a natural evolution of Dudes Brunch with a clearer focus and more polished presentation. Each week we’ll begin with a prompt or situation such as the best karaoke song.

We each pick one song and argue for its inclusion in the canon of songs on our endless Spotify playlist. Those songs are then ineligible for all future challenges.

As time goes on the choices will get narrower, the challenges will get more esoteric and we’ll hopefully be forced to listen to new and different kinds of music.

The format may be new, but the conversation is classic. Shaun, Tyler and I have built our friendship on ten years of loving and listening to music together. We went to some of our first concerts together. We spent hours swapping songs on flash drives and burned CDs in Tyler’s basement as kids. And we have very strong opinions about what we like and dislike.

One of the most exciting parts of this show for me will be seeing how the audience pushes us into new challenges. We’ll be accepting submission prompts via Twitter and Email, and I really hope things get weird fast. All three of us have over 1,000 songs in our iTunes Libraries and we honestly belive we can find a song for just about any occasion.

I’m also just excited to continue to have the opportunity to make cool things with two of my oldest friends. That was the spirit behind Dudes Brunch, and its the underlying motivation of No Repeat. I hope you’ll get at least as much enjoyment out of listening to it as we do recording it.

No Repeat is available now on Apple PodcastsOvercastTuneIn and as an RSS feed via Libsyn.

I’ve also embedded the first episode below for your listening pleasure.