I produce and co-host podcasts as a secondary project outside of my work as a digital marketer. These podcasts are recorded remotely via Skype with friends and colleagues located throughout the country.

Artwork for The Andrew Young School Podcast
I produced and hosted The Andrew Young School Podcast for the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State
Podcast art for Billy Joe Armstrong's Middle School Notebook
I began producing Billy Joe Armstrong's Middle School Notebook during 2019 as a reward for monthly supporters of No Repeat on Patreon. Each month
I produce and co-host a weekly music challenge podcast called No Repeat with Tyler Reed and Shaun Evans. Each week
Podcast artwork for Ten Minute Tech Talk
A weekly podcast I co-hosted with journalist Emily Bamforth summarizing the most important developments in technology and social media in
Podcast artwork for Forced Fandom
Originally launched as a spin-off of Dudes Brunch, Forced Fandom was a podcast dedicated to the things people love. Each season
Podcast artwork for Dude's Brunch
  I produced and co-hosted a podcast, called Dudes’ Brunch, which examined popular, alternative and internet culture on a weekly