Follow Friday: Wolf Pupy

This is part of Dudes Brunch’s “Follow Friday series. A weekly bio of someone or something you should be paying attention to.

Wolf PupyWho or what is Wolf Pupy? Good question. For starters, Wolf Pupy is a Twitter account. A part of Weird Twitter to be specific. And he is literally a small wolf. Or at least he’s pretending to be. And he like jewels and skulls. Oh, and he has a comic strip.

So why should you care about Wolf Pupy? Well for starters, he’s hilarious. These tweets just kind of make my day whenever they show up in my feed. They’re delightfully weird and dark. Oftentimes topical, but occasionally random, they are a peak inside the narcissistic mind of a young wolf. Or just someone’s odd sense of humor. Either way, I’m not alone in my appreciation. He has 156,000 followers and Moby wants to be him when he grows up:

So, if you like a little dose of aburdism in your day, I highly recommend giving Wolf Pupy a follow this friday.