Follow Friday: Jason Snell

This is part of Dudes Brunch’s “Follow Friday” series. A weekly bio of someone or something you should be paying attention to.

Jason SnellJason Snell is a very busy man. Or at least, I imagine that he is. Once the editor of MacWorld, Snell is now the fearless leader of what may be the largest empire in podcasting: The Incomparable Network. He hosts and appears on shows on Relay FM. He also runs an independent Apple blog called Six Colors. Oh, and he was apparently the 6th most influential person in Macintosh computing for a while.

Snell, and The Incomparable, were an early influence on the format and subject matter of our podcast. His wide-reaching knowledge and appreciation of popular, geek and tech culture is truly impressive. The Incomparable alone has recurring segments ranging across multiple forms and genres of media including:

And Snell’s other podcasts range from old-time radio theatre to discussions about space. Seriously, the guy kind of does everything.

If you’re into Star Wars, Apple devices, comic books or nerd trivia there’s a Jason Snell project for you. And his personal twitter feed is an amalgam of all of the above. Or if you need a short primer into his style you can check out Robot Or Not, the podcast where Snell asks John Siracusa whether or not things like Roombas are actually robots.

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