A Beginner's Guide to OFWGKTA–An Infographic

This is an infographic I made for Content Curation class. It’s meant to be a beginner’s guide or intro to the OFWGKTA, or Odd Future, hip hop collective, focusing mainly on their musical contributions. I’m really intrigued by the way OF has set up their group and love the immediacy of their creative process (even if the work is outside my usual genre).


A beginner's guide to Odd Future infographic


Despite their reputation as inexperienced teenage pranksters, Odd Future are a surprisingly organized and well managed collective. They have merchandised their brand extremely effectively and created paid positions for dozens of employees through their various endeavors. Though their music is admittedly juvenile, as is their fanbase, the group are a serious business entity beneath the surface and a critical force to be reckoned with.