Hey Qurl Check Me Out on Listen or Don't

This past weekend I had the pleasure to appear on¬†Listen or Don’t with Tim and Paul, an internet radio show/podcast run by my dear friends Tim Miller and Paul Mayersky. Tim and Paul are fantastic guys with great taste in tunes and comedy, and their show is a great outlet for those tastes. I was honored when Tim asked me last month if I was interested in appearing on the show, and had an absolute blast in the studio with them.

Though they don’t know what to call it, Tim and Paul’s show is a great content curation. They have excellent segments like “Guilty Pleasure” songs, weird news, movie reviews and Tim’s album of the week (which is always a treat, though we didn’t have time for it on this episode). Topics on this week’s show included: snow sculpture, iPad hoaxes, The Academy Awards, and of course the origins of the term “qurl”. You can listen to the show in podcast form after the jump if you’re so inclined.

Listen or Don’t with Tim and Paul- Episode 6 Season 1 (March 1, 2013) by Listen Or Dont Withtim & Paul on Mixcloud

Listen or Don’t airs live on bearcastradio.com on Friday nights from 8pm-10pm with live trivia, request periods and more in-studio eccentricities. You can also subscribe to the show on Mixcloud to receive the podcast version when it’s uploaded each Saturday after the recording. And don’t forget to follow¬†Listen or Don’t on twitter for updates throughout the week as well as interaction during the show.

I’m also excited to announce that Tim is one of my partners on an upcoming YouTube project that’s in a similar vein. I’ll have more on that once the details and logistics get ironed out, but we’re hoping to get off the ground this summer. If you’re into music and/or popular culture and want to get on board with this one shoot me an email.