Get Inspired on the Quick with Soul Pancake's "Art Attack"

Soul Pancake began as a book by actor Rainn Wilson, you probably know him as Dwight Schrute, and a few of his friends. The book discussed what they viewed to be some of life’s most important questions and thoughts. These were then transferred to a website and most recently a YouTube Channel.

The Soul Pancake Channel is one of YouTube’s premium channels, meaning they are endorsed by Google to produce original content specifically for YouTube, and they do their job well. The channel has a rotating lineup of five shows (one for each day of the workweek) including a talk-show hosted by Rainn Wilson, a short film series, and original comedy series Kid President.

The only non-rotating series on the channel is Art Attack, wherein artists are given a single word theme and asked to create a piece while being filmed time-lapse style. The videos are uploaded each Friday and are typically about 5 minutes long for easy digestion. Quite inspiring and always entertaining, Art Attack showcases some great talent in all sorts of mediums. <br/ >